Independent Living

Tired of managing and maintaining your home and all the responsibilities that come with it?  It may be time to explore Independent Living and all it has to offer. Say goodbye to laundry, housekeeping, yard work, and property taxes! Gourmet food, planned activities, trips around town and beyond, and the warmth of a community of your peers are just a few of the perks of moving to Independent Living. Some residents even continue to run their businesses from their new home, while others truly retire to enjoy the resort lifestyle 24/7. 

Assisted Living

In San Diego county, there are over 600 Independent & Assisted Living choices - everything from 6-bed residential homes to larger resort-style Independent & Assisted Living communities to choose from. Assisted living is a great choice for the active aging adult, the person desiring numerous and varied social opportunities, or the person who needs additional assistance with activities of daily living (i.e., showering, medication management, grooming/dressing). Talk with one of our Certified Seniors Advisors™ to help you determine the right fit for your lifestyle, budget, and geographic preference.  We work with Certified Seniors Advisors™ across the country so no matter where you want to call home, we can help!

Residential Care Home

Small Residential Care homes are the backbone of the Assisted Living and Memory Care options that many don't know about. The are usually just six beds, fantastic caregiver to resident ratios, ultra-personalized care in a setting most like home. Great for end of life, extreme high care needs, advanced dementia, and residents who desire peaceful and quiet settings. They have the same license as the big Assisted Living and Memory Care communities, and many are owned by nurses (RNs). The cost can be a lot less as well. A consultation with your CSA™ can help you explore this unique care option.

Memory Care & Cognitive Enhancement

Those with a diagnosis of dementia require a specialized environment where their unique physical care, social and emotional needs can be met.  Dementia is an umbrella term that encompasses five major types (and 200 subtypes) of cognitive impairment:  Alzheimer's, vascular dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, frontotemporal, and mixed dementia.  The cause of dementia dictates the kind of care environment needed.  Additionally, those with dementia still need and enjoy social interaction, activities and exercise.  Dementia care is complex and often challenging - it takes a special staff and environment for your loved one to thrive.  Let us help you determine the best fit based on your loved one's unique diagnosis and care needs. 

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