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There are several factors to consider when you are undecided, the most important of which is "are you truly happy where and how you are living now?" Do you love your  home? Is it too much home for you now? Do you enjoy your community and your surroundings? These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself; your authentic answers will hopefully shed further light on the decision making process.  Having a Senior Home Safety Specialist (SHSS) come out and do an assessment of your current living environment may also reveal additional insights and answers.


According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), 28% of Americans 65 and older report falling each year, totalling approximately 36 million falls with 8 million of those falls requiring some degree of medical intervention.  Falls are not a normal part of aging yet they are the leading cause of fatal and non fatal injuries in older adults.  Other safety concerns for older adults aging in place include poor medication management, inadequate nutrition and hydration and inability to maintain the home environment (failing to do laundry and housekeeping regularly) such that it leads to unsafe conditions.


Human beings are social creatures.  We generally like being around and interacting with others.  Research and studies are finding that social isolation and feelings of loneliness can be detrimental to one's health, no matter the age.  Our older population is more likely to be at risk for social isolation and loneliness for a myriad of reasons (loss of a spouse or significant other, loss of ability to drive, disease/illness/injury resulting in decreased mobility for example).  If aging in place results in social isolation and/or loneliness - which can lead to depression - you may want to consult with one of our Certified Senior Advisors to consider the options.


The average cost of in-home care in San Diego County is $25-30 per hour; if someone requires 24/7 care, that's a whopping $16,800 on the low end and over $20,000 on the high end per month.  The average cost of assisted living in the county is $4,500 for access to 24/7 care.  For many, it becomes a simple math exercise - at some point, in-home care costs will exceed that of residing in assisted living.  And while everyone has unique care needs, we believe we are the best at finding the "right fit" for every person and budget.  We work with Medicare and Medi-Cal experts, long-term care insurance and VA benefits experts to ensure we have uncovered every possible way to fund the care needs of each of our clients.  Call us today - we can help you weigh your options, the costs and your budget.

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